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Londdon’s World

Wholesale New Cowboys Teams Men's Autumn Winter High Quality Custom Logo Printed Outwear Pullover Fleece men women's hoodies

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Product Description
  Style no. : UWJ Material : 100% polyester ,fleece 
Brand name : UWJ Price:  USD 12.99
MOQ:  1pcs Packing details : polybag PACKING
Colours : Any custom design Remark: We can do OEM order 
Our Advantages:

1.We are professional shoes manufacture in China ,since 2003.

2.Ready stock  items,our servince will start 1pcs from all of items 

3. We can do any customized design in 1 PC

3.We accept OEM/ODM ,the price will be very good of it .

4.We use fast express ,like DHL ,FEDEX,etc .It take 4-7 days for wholesales .

5.In case of defect goods,we refund the money to customers 

Shipping ways:Express ePacket/Express FedEx/ Parcels/ Air Express
Perfect choice to pair with any sports,indoor,outdoor,running,gym,joggers,travel,hiking,shop,party,every day walk-around,home,regular day walking,any occasion,casual and trend

About Customization

1.If  you want to customized your own picture on the product,please leave a message to us

2.image size needs to be greater than 1000*1000 pixels.

3.our designers will make a effect picture within two days.

4.After you confirm the design,you could place the order by the link we will send to you


                                          WE CAN DO ANY CUSTOM DESIGN,WELCOME YOUR OWN DESIGN